Try Sephren Sephren is an all natural hair loss treatment for women. The product prevents hair from thinning and promotes the growth of new hair. Sephren’s unique two part hairloss treatment system combines a hair growth fueling supplement with a hair growth stimulating topical foam to attack hair loss head on. The product is backed with a 90 day money back guarantee.

Fighting hair loss in women

Women can begin to lose their hair in their early twenties and by the age of forty many woman experience noticeable hair loss. While there a number of reasons as to why this hair loss occurs in women, the number one reason is a change in a woman’s hormonal balance. This can be caused by child birth, menopause, taking birth control, or even by having a thyroid problem. Any of these factors can cause an imbalance in a woman’s hormones and thus cause hair loss.

Anyone that has sisters knows that it is common for women to lose 50 to over 100 hairs per day – clogged drains – but those hairs are readily replaced. But when the hormonal harmony of a woman is knocked off, many of these hairs are not replaced and a pattern of baldness starts to occur. This can be devastating for woman and really hurt self-confidence. Fortunately with the advances in science and products such as Sephren women can now fight back.

How it works

The Sephren system is a unique two part system that attacks hair loss as follows:

Try Sephren

• Sephren Female Hair Loss Product:

This is an all natural supplement that provides your hair with everything it needs to grow thick and strong. Since hair is made up mostly of protein it is obvious that any good hair loss supplement should have plenty of ingredients that have lots of proteins in them. Sephren does not disappoint. This product has the best of the best in protein supplements. Along with essential amino acids such as Para-Amino Benzoic Acid –PABA- it also features many vitamins that are crucial when combating hair loss such as vitamin B in the form of biotin and B6. The product also features Horsetail silica which is a key component in promoting new hair growth. Put it all together and what you have is an all in one supplement that gives you the building blocks for thickening your existing hair and promoting new hair to grow.

• Sephren Female Hair Loss Foam:

The supplements take care of treating the hair loss from within and the foam takes care of treating the hair loss from without. The topical foam absorbs through the skin to deliver all the nutrients needed for hair growth to occur. The foam has ingredients such as Texas White Cedar Wood oil and Spanish Rosemary oil which help to revitalize your scalp. Then Vitamins E and C are introduced and rid the skin of the many free radicals that can damage the cells of the scalp. The ingredients in the foam work in conjunction to moisturize and soften the scalp while restoring hair follicles to an all new healthy state to promote hair growth.


Sephren’s two angle approach to fighting hair loss in women is an industry first. There are plenty of hair loss products that offer inward treatment or outward treatment alone, but few offer them together and those that do lack many of the essential ingredients that Sephren has included to promote the thickening of your existing hair and growth of new hair. Unlike most hair loss products that do offer a guarantee but give you little information on the eligibility of such guarantee, Sephren backs up its products with a 90 day money back guarantee that is clear cut and spelled out on their web site.

Finally women can confidently fight back against the embarrassing problem of hair loss.
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